Where to begin, welcome to 2018, the CF Open is coming Feb 22nd and plenty of months left for winter sports. CrossFit Helena has come a long ways in the quick 8 years we have been playing. For myself coming to CrossFit took a bit of time, I had to be talked into it and even then it was as a favor to the owner coming try out this “new kind of gym.” I fell instantly in love as it wasn’t weight lifting, though we do lift those heavy things from time to time, it was so much more with a side of entertainment.  

CrossFit for me is PLAYING with my friends, getting incrementally better each day I show up and being more prepared for the other things I like to do in life, skiing, biking, hiking etc....


February is just 2 weeks away and the Open a few more behind that. We have an AMAZING group of athletes that come in and tackle every challenge HQ gives us. Our wonderful coaches are here to help you become better humans and athletes alike. We have a great facility with tons of toys, including sound and lights that almost make the weights lift themselves. The adventures continue to be great we have an amazing group of people we are privileged to call friends and play with each week inside and outside of the box.

What does all this mean to you?

-Bring us your friends that don’t know the joys playing with us, YET. Here’s the offer, each of your friends that signs up for Elements (4  one-hour private lessons Reg. $90) we’ll cut them a deal, $75 and give you a coffee card to scenic brew. For each of these friends that stay past the 3-month mark we’ll give you $50. (including the free elements month it’s actually 4) You know they’ll love it once they get it and it’ll be more fun with new friends in the room, just think of it like you are saving their lives one WOD at a time.


You are signed up for the open right?

It’s $25, no t-shirt but a ton of fun with your friends and new this year an in-house comp each friday.

Thanks for being our Framily, we love you guys.