Your prerequisite class for attending our Work Out of the Day (WOD) sessions. Elements is a four class training course, one hour per class, that teaches proper basic fundamental movements. Even if you've learned these before, your CrossFit Coach will help you perfect them!

Elements will ensure you are safe, confident, and ready for our group classes. You can enroll in one of our group Elements classes, or set them up privately with a coach. We guarantee individual attention for each participant; enrollment limited to five people per class. If attendance is higher than five, we will add more coaches to ensure the highest quality instruction. 

Contact Kier at 406-465-1194 or crossfithelena@yahoo.com to schedule your Elements Session TODAY!
$90 includes: Four Basic Fundamental Sessions and One Month Unlimited Membership.


The Olympic sport of weightlifting is composed of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Athletes perform the Snatch by lifting a barbell overhead in one motion and Clean & Jerk by lifting the barbell to the top of the chest in one movement and then overhead in a second movement. Keys to success are exerting high amounts of force, demonstrating flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. 

Outside the sport of weightlifting, the practice and training has many positive effects that transfer to improved athletic ability and general physical fitness. Olympic Weightlifting has been shown in numerous studies to improve sprinting and jumping ability. The two lifts build leg strength and teach athletes to recruit and activate the bodies motor units. The style of training has become the cornerstone of preparation for any sport that requires explosive power. 

In the context of CrossFit, the Olympic Lifts account for a large percentage of the movements found in WODs, including all variations of the Squat, Clean, Jerk, Press, and Snatch. In addition, athletes who develop the Olympic lifts also improve their ability in other CrossFit movements like Wall Ball Shots, Thrusters, Deadlifts, Handstand Push Ups, and Muscle Ups. In short, weightlifting is key to help earn the coveted 'RX' or faster WOD times. 

Weightlifting can provide intrinsic awards as well. Much like hitting a perfect golf swing, executing an effortless Snatch or claiming a new personal record is rewarding in itself. Coaching and programming are offered but classes are open gym style to allow athletes to focus on individual goals. 

Included at no additional charge with Unlimited Membership. $7 for Drop-Ins or Punch Card Athletes. If you're not a CrossFit Helena member, you can join the Helena Barbell Club for $35/month. Contact Jason at (406) 546-4326


Tenacity incorporates CrossFit methodologies and is geared towards those who are living a long, fulfilling life and who would like to continue living an active lifestyle in their older years. 

People of all ages can do CrossFit. You can start with an out-of-shape body and work into it. If you are the fittest of the fit, or the average Joe, Tenacity embodies the same amazing CrossFit program. A program that will not only add years to your life, but also life to your years! Every movement or workout is scalable and tailored to individual needs to enable our members progress in athleticism regardless of age or body type. 

Strength training is the overall bedrock foundation of health and wellness, especially as we get older. In addition to making you look better, strength training also has the benefits of: 

  • Improving focus

  • Overall weight control

  • Boosting energy and vitality

  • Strengthening bones

  • Decreasing risk of injury during exercise and activities of daily living

As we age, our mobility declines, restricting our movement. Joints were meant to open and close, to move! By simply moving more you will decrease stiffness and ashiness throughout your body. Join us today to start feeling the difference for yourself. 

Tenacity Crossfit Memberships are $75/month.

general training rates

Not sure what CrossFit is all about, but you'd like to give it a try? Great!
Saturdays at 8:30am we have a FREE class. Drop in, come meet us and give it a try. Bring a friend.
You know you want to. 

drop ins

$10 per WOD

punch cards

$10 a punch per WOD, 10 Session Punch Card for $100.

CrossFit Helena Membership

Unlimited classes - $115/month (includes Barbell & Yoga)

3-days per week - $95/month

Barbell only - $35/month

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Student discounts available.